Here we go into the New Year, and as would be expected, all around me are talks of losing weight and making this year, THE year. While I’m certainly on board with that idea, because I too, do need to embrace making this THE year, somehow the thought of making it a resolution doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s because society expects everyone to break their resolutions. And while I wish I was starting this fight … oh in October, to avoid talks of New Years Resolutions, I’m starting it now, post holidays, and with lots of work to go!

I’ve joined a 12 week fitness challenge, so I’ll post updates once a week on my progress amidst the other posts.  Keep up with it if you’d like. The more accountability the better. But no obligations!

I encourage anyone else who needs to conquer this once and for all to join me. There is nothing out there worth sabatoging our health and longevity. I’ll be at my goal by my 28th birthday! 8 – ) Hope to see some more of you at the finish line.