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Well…it’s coming! In a few short minutes I’m leaving for the gym and I’ll be honest, dreading it like no other. I’ve let myself get so out of shape that the gym seems like a really truly daunting task. Ryan says it does for him too, so we both agree, we must get back. We’ve let other priorities (i.e. our couch and DVR, work, stress…) get in the way. But also there has truly been Ryan’s schedule (last semester he averaged 3-4 hours sleep per night at least 4 nights a week) and so maybe the DVR thing is just really my problem…

In all reality, though, we are in full agreement that our priorities must change. Not just physically! We have become accumulators of STUFF. We love buying (and apparently love shopping), and we’ve just accumulated JUNK. It’s of course not all truly junk, however because it fills my our every cubby, cabinet and bin, it starts to all just feel like junk, and we’re unable to appreciate the things we truly care about. We’ve committed to not buying things this year. There are two exceptions to this rule: (a) We have planned to purchase it and are saving up or (b) We have a true need. We both chose 2 things that are important to us this year, and we’re saving towards those goals. No more $5.99 shirt just because it’s on clearance (that goes for us both!).

We are going to become better stewards of our belongings, toss what we are not using or don’t like, and start enjoying and truly using what we do love and already have. I can’t remember the last time I actually finished off a lip gloss or a bottle of lotion before I accumulated another one. So, this will be the year of finishing lip glosses and wearing the clothes we already have. The year of cutting back on our seemingly hundreds of “entertainment” outlets and making them real, true experiences (heard of hiking, dog parks, and games anyone!?). I vow to not have my face stuck in my phone ALL THE TIME and to pull myself away from HGTV/BRAVO/FOODNETWORK (my obsessions). I look forward to making memories, taking great pictures, and spending lots of time with my husband, family, friends, and puppies!



Here we go into the New Year, and as would be expected, all around me are talks of losing weight and making this year, THE year. While I’m certainly on board with that idea, because I too, do need to embrace making this THE year, somehow the thought of making it a resolution doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s because society expects everyone to break their resolutions. And while I wish I was starting this fight … oh in October, to avoid talks of New Years Resolutions, I’m starting it now, post holidays, and with lots of work to go!

I’ve joined a 12 week fitness challenge, so I’ll post updates once a week on my progress amidst the other posts. ┬áKeep up with it if you’d like. The more accountability the better. But no obligations!

I encourage anyone else who needs to conquer this once and for all to join me. There is nothing out there worth sabatoging our health and longevity. I’ll be at my goal by my 28th birthday! 8 – ) Hope to see some more of you at the finish line.

Me me me! (wow what a way to start a blog…) I, in fact, am giving blogging another try. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about blogs, and in general, that it’s important for me to not only put my words in writing, but others do actually like keeping up with our lives, so this might help a tad bit!

My hope is to post relatively regularly, and to keep pictures as a part of the blog as well. Should be a great way for me to look back on our memories, and hopefully for those of you who will read as well.

p.s. Be ready for lots of pictures of our dogs (we’re slightly obsessed), and lots of pictures of my cooking experiments (this year I’ve discovered I may have been born to be a kindred soul with Julia Childs…)

Thanks for visiting!!


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